Employee Spotlight

Murali Nair

Muralidharan (Murali) Nair, Ph.D.


Dean of the College of Health and Human Services

Years at EMU

17 years

Why You Like Working Here

I like the diversity of the students and that the median age is slightly older. You have more mature students coming in who have work experience and families. They have a different set of challenges. The students put more of a demand on you because they are paying for their education themselves.

Favorite EMU Moment

I love commencement. I get so filled with pride for our students and it’s a great feeling to know I have played a part in their success.

Favorite Campus Spot

I love the second floor of the Student Center overlooking Bob’s Lake House. The view is spectacular, especially in winter. I have taken a lot of photos and made them into postcards. 

Super Power

I’d like to fly, although, the irony of that is, I’m afraid of heights. I want to see the view and, an added bonus, no more waiting at airports.

Next Goal

Personally, I travel a lot. I have a huge family and everyone is in a different country. The only continent I haven't fully explored is South America. I went to Brazil once for a few weeks, really loved it. I want to go to Columbia and Peru. My idea of travelling is just go there and get lost. Ask local people to tell you where the best coffee is or the best food. You get a new perspective of the place.

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