Employee Spotlight

Peggy Liggit

Peggy Liggit, Ph.D.


Director, Faculty Development Center

Years at EMU

20 years

Why You Like Working Here

I really like working here because of the people. A colleague of mine had said, "The faculty and staff are a reflection of our students here." I absolutely agree. Our students are big-hearted, generous, work hard and they know how to be incredible problem-solvers in the face of big challenges.

Favorite Campus Spot

I am a biologist, so my favorite spot on campus is a huge, beautiful oak tree right outside of Pray-Harrold. One of my student interns took pictures of the tree and gave it to me as a gift when she graduated. That tree is just amazing.


I’m inspired by my mom. After my dad passed away, she got remarried at 82, which is courageous. She is going to be 90 next month and she still continues to be creative as an artist. She’s pretty persistent and tenacious as she fights cancer. She wants to get to remission because she still has a lot to do. I hope when I get to be 90, I’ll be just like her.

Surprising Fact

When my son was young, every spring, he and I would grow baby salamanders. We would go out and collect eggs and then we would grow them into adults before letting them go again.

Next Goal

I would like to be an expert wanderer. A wanderer has a desire to go out to new places and not really know what’s going to happen. You’re just content to go wander around for a while. Why? Because you have to be in the moment, you’re curious. You’re not really caring where you end up and how long it takes you. And you’re just open to this amazing experience.

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