Employee Spotlight

Rema Reynolds

Rema Reynolds, Ph.D. 


Assistant Professor, Leadership and Counseling Department

Years at EMU

Two years

Why You Like Working Here

The students! In my classroom, I’ve come across some really quality future educators who see themselves as change agents and I like that. They have this drive to improve schools.

Outside of my class, the undergraduate work I do is with two organizations primarily: the Kings of Color and the Black Student Union. The thing that connects the master’s and Ph.D. students to these undergrad folks is that they all want to learn. I love it when I come across folks that really want to learn and want to engage new concepts to change their mind.


Education is really important to me. The power you have is to change the minds of educators. If I could affect the folks who are before me, and these people are going to be teachers, school counselors, school psychologists and principals, I can change their minds to think about inclusion, equity and the potential of students. To think of students as the next Caesar Chavez, the next Martin Luther King Jr., the next Ginsberg.

I think that schools are the spaces where you produce society. I’m here to change the whole world, so I have to work through schools. Why not work with the adults in the building, who then can exponentially affect thousands of kids? So, I’m inspired to come in here and do this work because I’m working to change the world!

Surprising Fact

I think people would be surprised to know that I grew up in a small town and by the time I was 11, I was in the corn fields, de-tasseling corn. I did that every summer until I was 15. I bought Coca-Cola pants and a Coca-Cola t-shirt. When I was 13, I bought my first designer purse—a little Louis Vuitton coin bag.


If I could infuse everyone with an overload of self-worth, I would do that. I think that people hurt others out of insecurity—bigotry and bias comes out of feeling not worthy. If people just knew that they are more than good enough, they would behave differently and we would see a better world.

Next Goal

Bigger than changing the world? I have three books that I’m supposed to be writing. I need to get these books out. That’s my first immediate personal and professional goal.

I think the other immediate goal would be to be a good mentor. Not just to my own children, but to EMU students, women and Black women. I just want to be a resource, a safe space and a place to go to for whatever you need.

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