Hiring Guide

We are committed to helping you recruit and hire top talent to Eastern Michigan University. Here you can find tools, resources, and support to assist you in hiring new employees and focus on increasing the diversity of our workforce.

Recruitment Process

To view the hiring process from start to finish, download the New Staff Hiring Overview [PDF].

For more information on how to hold a successful interview and build an interview guide, contact University Human Resources at 734.487.3430.

Types of Hires

There are several types of employee groups at the University and the type of hire will dictate what process (and what office) should be invloved during the hiring process. 

The University Human Resouces office can provide support and guidance when hiring for positions like regular, contingent, and temporary staff, as well as, Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Doc Fellows. For an overview of this information, download the Types of Hires [PDF].

  • Staff Classifications (Non-Union):   AC, AH, AP, CA
  • Staff Classifications (Union):   CS, CP, FM, PE, PS, PT
  • Contingent Staff (Non-Union):   EC, ES
  • Contingent Staff (Union):   TM
  • Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Doc Fellows:   GS

Regular & Work-Study Students

A regular student employee is any EMU student working for an EMU department on campus where they are paying 100% of the student's wages. Work-Study students are students who receive federal monies that can be used by a department to cover their wages.

Contact the Career Services (UACDC) office to learn how to hire a student and read the frequently asked questions.


Faculty and Lecturer positions (full- and part-time) are owned and processed throught the Academic Human Resources department.