Bridge: Our Learning Management System

What is Bridge?

A robust Learning Management System (LMS) that will allow us to:

  • Enhance training options for all Eastern Michigan University employees
  • Utilize training in a streamlined fashion that aligns with career pathing
  • Create a central hub to house all training content
  • Capitalize on the ability to create and assign trainings at the University, departmental and individual level

How do I access Bridge?

Access Bridge by going to their site or by logging into, clicking on employee tab and selecting the link under eTraining on the right-hand side.

Recommended trainings: learn how to use Bridge

  • Overview for Learners: 7 minutes
  • Learning in Bridge, 5 Tips: 7 minutes
  • Bridge Navigation: 9 minutes
  • Overview for Managers: 12 minutes (manager only)
  • Manage Reports: 9 minutes (manager only)