Bridge: Our Learning Management System

What is Bridge?

A robust Learning Management System (LMS) that will allow us to:

  • Enhance training options for all Eastern Michigan University employees
  • Utilize training in a streamlined fashion that aligns with career pathing
  • Create a central hub to house all training content
  • Capitalize on the ability to create and assign trainings at the University, departmental and individual level

Why are we making the change to Bridge?

To enhance University effectiveness through structured training and development
opportunities for all Eastern Michigan University employees.

When is the change taking place?

The new system is now live!

How will this change affect me?

  • Enhanced opportunities for learning and development
  • A more streamlined process for required compliance training
  • An easier way for individuals to make training recommendations that can be quickly built, implemented and deployed
  • Centralized rather than decentralized training

How do I access Bridge?

Access Bridge by going to their site or by logging into, clicking on employee tab and selecting the link under eTraining on the right-hand side.

Recommended trainings: learn how to use Bridge

  • Overview for Learners: 7 minutes
  • Learning in Bridge, 5 Tips: 7 minutes
  • Bridge Navigation: 9 minutes
  • Overview for Managers: 12 minutes (manager only)
  • Manage Reports: 9 minutes (manager only)