Welcome New Employees

We are pleased to welcome the following full-time employees who have joined the Eastern Michigan University community between Sept. 1, 2021 and Nov. 15, 2021:


Aaron Hilt, Assistant Coach, Baseball

Allison Phillips, Men's Football Recruit Assistant Creative Coordinator

Marni Schroeder, Director of Compliance, Athletics

Clifford Sims, Associate Athletic Director for Facilities & Operations

Kyle Creasy, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Laura Drabczyk, Director of Emergency and Risk Management Services

Donald Gillette, Assistant Director, Rec/IM

Kimberly Lanham, Title IX and Civil Rights Investigator

Teredo Pouncy, Senoir Accountant, Charter Schools

Joshua Scarbrough, Complex Director, Housing and Residence Life

Hilary Hill, Senior Secretary, Economics

Renuka Roche, Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences

Madison Hunter, Custodian

Marcus George, Special Projects Crewperson, Custodial Services

Morgan Chase, Custodian

Curtus Small, Custodian

Morgan Kusmits, BCBA Therapist, Autism Collaborative Center

Xuyan Guo, Accountant/Analyst, Office of the Controller

Alaura Hanks, Senior Admissions Advisor, Off Campus Outreach

Brittany Burton, Site Coordinator, Bright Futures

Mark VanKempen, Site Coordinator, Bright Futures

Alexandra Quada, Site Coordinator, Bright Futures

Melissa Nuyda, Site Coordinator, Bright Futures

Reggie Austin, Creative Video Assistant, Sports Information