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EMU Edge

Now in its 19th year, the EMU Edge is a four-year academic support program designed to help students realize their higher education goals beginning with the transition from high school to college and continuing until graduation. Students are recommended by the Office of Admissions and acceptance to Eastern Michigan University is contingent based on the student's documented agreement to participate with the Edge Program.


Edge provides students with free academic workshops, training in study skills, academic monitoring, individualized instruction and advising assistance. All Incoming students are welcome to participate in Edge. The majority of students that participate in Edge successfully move on to their sophomore year at Eastern Michigan University.

Overview of the EMU EDGE Four-Year Curriculum Plan


Testimonials on Edge orientation and speaker Jullien Gordon

-"This event will highly affect my college experience because it helped me realize that the whole world is in line for the same position I’m applying for and I have to do something to stand out." (Myr'Esha McNac - Fall 2015)


-"Jullien’s lecture spoke to me and got me thinking about my future and what I can do now to improve my college experience. He talked about how to succeed not just in one year, but throughout your entire college career." (Taylor Laderoot - Fall 2015)


-"He taught the audience a way to balance their lives, taught them about having better time management, and how that will aid them in their lives." (Sarah Peeples - Fall 2015)

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