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Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Information

Requirements for Employment:

• Strong desire to help students succeed academically
• Upper class student (25 or more credits)
• Have earned a B+ or better in the course you would like to be an SI Leader
• Applicants must be enrolled at least half-time at EMU
• A fully completed application including a professor recommendation

Benefits of Being an SI Leader:

• Development of leadership skills
• Receive College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certified mentor training
• Provide mentoring for students in your field of study
• Possibility of becoming a certified mentor
• Flexible hours, paid position (no work study required)

Supplemental Instruction Leader Job Description:

SI Leaders work directly with the course professor and Supplemental Instruction Mentor (SIM) to guide students through important course concepts, as well as, help students develop skills and strategies to become confident independent learners. Some responsibilities of an SI Leader include:

• Attending SI Leader training at the beginning of the semester and continue training weekly through meetings with their SI Mentor and other SI Leaders
• Attend all lectures in assigned section of the course each week
• Meet weekly with the professor to discuss attendance, session planning, ensure your understanding of the material, and develop a cooperative relationship with your professor
• Prepare, plan, and facilitate two to three fifty-five minute SI sessions per week that integrate content and learning skills such as:
        o redirecting questions to the students
        o integrating how to learn with what to learn
        o helping students with organizational skills and test-taking skills they can take away from the session and use in other classes
• Encourage student participation during every session by using collaborative learning and the integration of academic skill building in sessions


SIL Application

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