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SI Toolkit


Are you a faculty member that would like to refer a student as a Supplemental Instructor?  

Keep in mind...

Supplemental Instruction at EMU is targeted specifically toward:

  • 100 – 200 level undergraduate courses, including
    • General Education (i.e. Political Science, Biology, Statistics)
    • Gateway Courses (i.e. CHEM120, PSY205, DS265)
  • High-enrollment courses that include difficult content
  • Courses with a historically moderate to high fail/drop rate


Introductory general education courses are great for SI, as the class structure, broad course content and high enrollment rates allow us to assist a large group of students, many whom are taking college courses for the first time. These students are able to transfer the skills and techniques learned from SI sessions into more advanced courses. Gateway courses, or courses that students must take and pass in order to continue with their major, benefit highly from SI as a means of providing additional assistance to ensure success in the course and the ability for students to progress into their major.


SI Sessions are

  • voluntary and free for all students enrolled in the course
  • non-remedial; a proactive approach to ensuring student success
  • presented 2-3 times weekly at times voted on by students
  • not a second lecture; collaborative review sessions for students to practice the material

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