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Drop-In Tutor (DIT) Information

Requirements for Employment

  • Strong desire to help students succeed academically
  • Sophomore standing or higher
  • Have earned a B+ or better for in the course(s) you would like to tutor
  • Applicant must be enrolled at least half-time at EMU
  • A fully completed application (below) and faculty recommendation (below)

Drop-In Tutor (DIT) Positions

Below are tutoring positions we typically hire for and their requirements. Please keep in mind that we are not always hiring for all positions.

  • Math Tutor: Has successfully completely at least Calculus 1 (MATH 120)
  • College of Business Tutor: Has successfully completed all the COB pre-requisite courses, including ACC 240, ACC 241, COB 200L, DS 265, ECON 201, ECON 202, FIN 350, and LAW 293
  • Biology: Has successfully completed at least BIO 110/BIO 120 and/or BIO 251/BIO252. Classes such as BIO 105, BIO 106, and BIO 301, in addition to those above, are appreciated.
  • Chemistry: Has successfully completed CHEM 121 and CHEM 123 and/or CHEM 120. Classes such as CHEM 270, CHEM 371, and CHEM 372, in addition to those above, are appreciated.

Benefits of being a Drop-In Tutor (DIT)

  • Reinforce your knowledge of the subject area
  • Receive College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certified tutor training
  • Provide mentoring and guidance for other students in your field
  • Possibility of becoming a certified tutor
  • Flexible scheduling, paid position (no work study required)

Drop-In Tutor (DIT) Application

Faculty Recommendation Form

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