Module 2
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Web Site Evaluation


  • Explore and understand various evaluation criteria.
  • Create your own list of criteria to use.
  • Practice using your criteria to evaluate Web sites.
  • Create an evaluation tool to use with your students.
  • Identify a fake Web site and email hoax.
  • Learn how to teach your students to evaluate Web sites.
Web sites have become a part of everyday life. Like books, magazines, and newspapers, it is important to know what to look for before choosing to read and use information from a Web site. Now that there are millions of Web sites available, how do you choose? How do you tell the truth from the fiction? This module will help you learn to be a critical informed online reader. In turn, you will learn how to teach your students to be active educated Web site readers and evaluators.

Lesson #1 --
Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites

Lesson #2 --
Evaluating Various Kinds of Web Sites

Lesson #3 --
Tools for Evaluating Web Sites

Lesson #4 --
Fake Web Sites

Lesson #5 --
Additional Evaluation Challenges: Email Hoaxes

Lesson #6 --
Taking it to the Classroom

Module Wrap-Up



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