Eastern Michigan University

Computer Refresh Program Committee


The Computer Refresh Program Committee ensures that the computer systems provided by I.T. to faculty, staff, and students are replaced on a regular, systematic, and efficient basis.


  • I.T. Management: Aric Kirkland (chair) and Ron Woody
  • Faculty Senate: Bill Marino, Zenia Bahorski, Holly Hopkins, David Allbright , Li Zhang, Jacob Lindquist
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Michael Drumm, Dave Zylstra, and Steven Martin
  • College of Business: 
  • College of Education: Clifford Elston and Brian Filipiak
  • College of Health and Human Services: 
  • College of Technology:
  • Library: 
  • Physical Plant:
  • Business and Finance: Gale Shaver
  • Snow Health Center: 
  • Purchasing: Kristen Gregoire
  • EMU Foundation: Annette Rurka
  • I.T. Staff: Robert Winterhalter, Len Mier, Darian Jackson, and Debra Powder


Computer Refresh Program Committee Charter