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Board of Regents Information Technology Policies

The University's policies regarding Information Technology are contained in Chapter 15 of the Board of Regents Policy Manual: http://www.emich.edu/policies.

Merit Acceptable Use Policy

Internet access is provided through Merit Network, Inc. and is subject to the Merit Acceptable Use Policy:

I.T. Policy Manual

The I.T. Policy Committee assists the CIO in developing policies and procedures. Documents are usually reviewed by I.T. staff and other affected departments on campus before going to the CIO for approval.


I.T. Policy Committee Charter

  • 1.0 Constituting Authority - These documents create and authorize the I.T. Policy Committee and provide for the creation, revision, and termination of I.T. internal and external policies and procedures.

  • 2.0 Communications - This section covers electronic mail usage as a communications tool and other related subjects. 

  • 3.0 Computer Use - This section covers computers, computer labs, software issues, third party access, and related subjects.

  • 4.0 Information Management - This section covers database access credentials, restrictions on access to data, courseware and content management, and related subjects.

  • 5.0 Intellectual Property - This section covers ownership and use restrictions, copyright compliance, licensing of software and other intellectual property, and related subjects.

  • 6.0 Networking - This section covers access, authorization and use of electronic networks administered by I.T., connection and use of attached devices, maintenance and protection, and related subjects.

  • 7.0 Privacy - This section covers compliance with legal standards, individual privacy expectations, confidentiality standards, sanctions, information sensitivity and classification, and related subjects. See Security also.

  • 8.0 Security - This sections covers the physical, legal, political, and administrative rules and actions needed to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure, for the use and maintenance of the electronic infrastructure and data of the University, and related subjects. 

  • 9.0 Governance and Advisory -This section covers other university entities and groups' policies and procedures relating to I.T., the electronic infrastructure, and data of the University. Currently there are no policies in this section.

  • 10.0 Other - This section covers administrative, operational, and miscellaneous topics.

Policy Document History

List of new and modified policy documents between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

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