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I.T. Acceptable Use Policy


The University provides Information Technology (I.T.) resources to students, faculty, and staff. All users have the responsibility to use these resources in an effective, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Appropriate and responsible use stipulates that EMU I.T. resources be used in a manner consistent with the University's instructional, public service, research, and administrative objectives and all local, state, and federal laws. All uses inconsistent with these objectives are considered to be inappropriate use and may jeopardize further access to services and lead to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.


Anyone using or accessing EMU computers, networks, systems or data is subject to the provisions of this policy. EMU faculty, staff, emeritus faculty and staff, registered students, alumni, and approved guests are permitted to use EMU's computing and networking services but are subject to the terms of this policy during that use. Individuals who use personally-owned equipment while connected to the university network are subject to the provisions of this policy while connected to the network. Use of EMU's computing and networking facilities and equipment by unauthorized persons is prohibited.


The University provides an I.T. environment which includes a collection of physical computing and network devices, electronic business and instructional software, computing and connectivity services, databases, files and storage arrays, and other computing resources collectively described as EMU I.T. resources. These resources are provided for University-related purposes including support for the University's teaching, research, and public service missions, its administrative functions, and student and campus life activities.


  1. Users of EMU Information Technology resources agree to comply with applicable federal and state laws and appropriate University policies and procedures.
  2. Every authorized user is responsible for using effective passwords and safeguarding those passwords. Users are responsible for all activity on their assigned accounts including destructive or illegal activity by someone using their account identity.
  3. All software must be used only in accordance with the license agreement and copyrights. Transferring or copying software without permission is prohibited. Creating, acquiring, or using unauthorized copies of computer software or other copyright-protected electronic media is prohibited and may be subject to personal civil or criminal liability under state and federal laws.
  4. Confidential or restricted information must not be distributed or made available to persons who are not authorized to access the information. You are responsible for the physical security of the devices you use and the data they contain. Confidential or restricted information stored in a place accessible by unauthorized personnel or on any media or device out of your office (or off-campus) must be protected by encryption using University standards.
  5. Use EMU electronic communication systems legally and responsibly. Do not use university-provided computing resources for illegal, threatening, or deliberately destructive or harmful activities. The University reserves the right to block email that exhibits characteristics that could threaten the University's network infrastructure or services. Examples of inappropriate use of communication resources include:

    a. Creating or sending unsolicited email messages (spam), chain letters, non-University advertising material.

    b. Creating or intentionally sending viruses or other harmful programs or files.

    c. Misrepresenting or concealing the true identity of the sender or author.

    d. Intentionally seeking, copying, or modifying information, files, or email of another user without permission.

  6. Accessing I.T. resources without appropriate permission and valid access credentials is prohibited. Do not install or attempt to install malicious computer code on the device of another or on any University owned electronic resources. Do not use software tools that attack Information Technology resources. Do not cause or allow access, modification or destruction of any computing machinery, files, programs, settings, or data transmitted or stored by any device without permission.
  7. EMU faculty and staff may use the university information technology resources for incidental, personal purposes provided such use does not interfere with University operations and services. I.T. resources may not be used to advertise, solicit, operate a business, or for other commercial purposes not affiliated with the university. Electronic records arising from such personal use may, however, be subject to the same discovery proceedings and public release as other University electronic records.
  8. The University reserves the right to inspect, monitor and/or disclose electronic communications in transit or storage without consent of the holder when required by and consistent with the law, when there is a reason to believe a violation of the law or University policy has taken place, or when necessary to maintain the security or performance of the University's network infrastructure. Electronic communication files are subject to discovery proceedings in legal actions and may be released to the public through Freedom of Information Act requests.
  9. I.T. resources have a finite capacity. Users should limit their use of EMU I.T. resources accordingly and must abide by any limits EMU places on the use of its resources or on the use of any specific I.T. resource. In particular, no user may use any I.T. resource in a manner which interferes unreasonably with the activities of the University or of other users. EMU reserves the right to limit, suspend, or terminate user access to EMU I.T. resources when necessary to protect EMU I.T. resources, the University, or other users from harm.

Responsibility for Implementation

The University's Chief Information Officer is responsible for the implementation of this policy.


Any employee found to violate federal or State of Michigan laws, EMU policies, procedures or standards of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action under University policy. Any student found to violate federal or State of Michigan laws, EMU policies, procedures or standards of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action under EMU's Student Code of Conduct. Any suspected violation of state or federal laws will be reported to the appropriate legal authority for investigation.

The University reserves the right to protect its electronic resources from threats of immediate harm. This may include activities such as disconnecting an offending computer system from the campus network, terminating a running job on a computer system, or taking other action.


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