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Exam Scanning

Modified Operations

The I.T. Enterprise Data Center Operations team provides an optical scanning service to scan and score bubble exam forms. Due to COVID-19, Scanning Services have been modified to meet the recommendations of EMU's Public Health Work Group (PHWG). These recommendations require Scanning Services to utilize contact-free drop-off (via the dropbox) and delivery (via secured lockers); window service will not be available. Lockers are located in the hallway outside the I.T. administrative offices (118 Pray Harrold) and can be accessed at any time during normal building hours. The turn-a-round time for receiving exam results has been extended as scanning forms must be held for at least 24-hours before being handled by I.T. Typical turn-a-round time will be 2-3 business days.

Note: Use of the Canvas Learning Management System is recommended for exam delivery. Staff in the Center for e-Learning are available to assist in converting paper exam content to Canvas.

Getting Started

If you wish to use the scanning service and don't have forms, email [email protected] to request any of the following:

  • Exam Scanning Request form (Do NOT make photocopies of request forms as they are numbered; you may request multiple forms).
  • Exam Sheets (Exam sheets come in packets of 500 forms. Do NOT make photocopies or use exam sheets obtained elsewhere as they cannot be processed by I.T.'s Scanning Services).

Exam SheetHandling the Exam Sheets

Since the COVID-19 virus can live on paper for several hours, the PHWG recommends adhering to physical distancing guidelines and wearing protective equipment (e.g., masks, gloves) when distributing and collecting exam sheets. Avoid hand-to-hand transfers; instead, you may want to consider using a box where students can drop completed exam forms.

Exam Scoring

Place the completed Scanning Request form(s) and exam sheets in an inter-office envelope and deposit the envelope in the dropbox. Be sure to retain the numbered receipt from the bottom of the Scanning Request form.

IMPORTANT Due to COVID-19 modified operations we are asking that you notify us when submitting exams for processing. After placing your exam in the dropbox, please notify us via email or phone to let us know that it is awaiting processing:
[email protected]
734.487.1492 (please leave voice mail)
Without notification, turn-around time will likely be delayed an additional 2 - 3 business days.

Exam Results and Reports

A number of reports are available to assist you in analyzing your exam results. To request a report, place a check mark next to the report name on the Scanning Request form:

  • Standard Item Analysis
  • Roster Report
  • Class Response Report
  • Score Distribution Percentile

Reports are supplied in paper form. Upon request, the Roster Report may be sent to your My.Emich email account as an attachment. Typical turn-a-round time will be 2-3 business days. To receive the Roster Report as soon as the exam has been processed, complete the “Roster Email Options” section of the Scanning Request form.

If you have questions contact us at:
[email protected]

Division of Information Technology

118 Pray Harrold

Ypsilanti, MI 48197