Send a Message

  • To send a message to your mailing list, open a new email in your email account or use a generic account for your area.
    • Follow the instructions below to adjust the moderation setting for specific members:
      • Open a new message.
      • Enter the subject in to the Subject: box and enter the message in the Message box.
      • In the To: line, enter the name of your list followed by "". Then send your email.
      • Send the message. The posting will be emailed to the current list subscribers.

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Note:  Use a generic email account for your area if you want or expect responses to your postings but don't want to receive them at your personal work account.

Example List Addresses

Note: If you are a member of your list and your postings don't appear to go through, you may need to go into the list membership category and uncheck the Mod box for your account. See Adjusting Moderation For Specific Members for instructions on how to do this.


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