NextGen Dynamic Forms


EMU has partnered with NextGen Dynamic Forms to provide a quick way to convert paper-based forms to simply build sophisticated interactive, electronic forms. These forms can then be accessed from anywhere, such as My.Emich, an site, or included in an email message. Finally, the secure workflow features simplify the processing, tracking, and storing of documents created from these forms.

Dynamic Forms logoThe benefits of NextGen Dynamic forms include:

  • Electronic Signatures – Participants can sign forms electronically
  • Secure Workflow - Tracking a document through the business process is more transparent
  • NetID Sign-On – Participants do not have to remember a separate username and password
  • Banner Integration - Forms are automatically prefilled with the submitter's demographic data

Support and Contact Information

Visit the Support Guide page for more information.

Supported Business Processes

There are various business processes that are advantage of NextGen Dynamic Forms.

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