Eastern Michigan University

Creating an Apple Login

An Apple ID and Password are required to purchase non-CRP computers and peripherals (e.g., laptop docking stations).

Follow these directions to create an Apple Login:

  1. Click Create an Apple Login to create your login.
  2. The Please Sign in page is displayed. Click the Register link.
  3. The My Access page is displayed. Click the Sign Up button.
  4. The Identification page is displayed:
    1. Complete the contact information
    2. Enter the verification code
    3. Click the Next button
  5. The Please Check Your Email page is displayed.
  6. Locate the Validate Apple ID for Business email message in your inbox for the account you entered in step number 4:
    1. Copy the Validation Key 
    2. Paste it into the Validation Key field
    3.  Click the Continue button
  7. The Primary Location Selection page is displayed. Click the Continue button.
  8. The Company/Institution page is displayed:
    1. Type Eastern Michigan Univ in the Customer Account Number field
    2. Select United States
    3. Select Michigan
    4. Click the Submit button.
  9. A list of companies/institutions matching the search criteria is displayed. Click the radio button next to EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIV.
  10. Click the Next button.
  11. The Contract Agreement page is displayed. Click the I Agree button.
  12. The Security page is displayed. Complete the requested information and then click the Next button.
  13. The Application Access page is displayed. Complete the requested information and then click the Next button.
  14. The Confirmation page is displayed. Review the information provided and then click the Close button.