Eastern Michigan University

Project Inventory and RFS Process

Project Inventory

At any given time, the Division of Information Technology is involved in a variety of projects as listed in the current Project Inventory.

Request for Service (RFS)

The Request for Service (RFS) form is to be used when programming or data services from I.T. is required (e.g., enhancements to administrative systems, development of reports, data extracts/mailing labels).

If the RFS is for mailing labels or a data extract, please go to Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests.

For all other requests:

  1. Download the Request for Service form (Word).  Instructions for the RFS are contained on the form.
  2. After completing the required information on the form, save the RFS form to your hard drive.
  3. Email the saved form as an attachment to the person identified as the approver (please see list of authorized approvers).
  4. After reviewing the RFS, the approver will forward the requester's email with the attachment to the I.T. Project Management Office, PMO@list2.emich.edu.

The RFS will be assigned a project tracking number and added to the I.T. project inventory. Placement in the Project Inventory is not verification that resources are available, nor an acceptance of the requested completion date.

List or label data requests are typically completed within 10 business days. Other project requests will be reviewed by I.T. Management and prioritized alongside all other projects received. The project will remain "Unassigned" until either resources are available to complete the project or until the project expires after six months of inactivity.

Unfortunately, the Division of Information Technology receives far more project requests than we are staffed and funded to complete. Projects are prioritized based upon strategic value to the institution in consultation with the University's executive team and the I.T. Steering Committee.

New projects will remain under the I.T. Project Inventory "Unassigned" tab until resources are assigned at which time they are moved to the "Active" tab.  If a project is not assigned within six months of receipt, it will be moved to the "Withdrawn" tab. If the project is not prioritized to receive resources within six months of receipt, you may opt to re-submit the RFS for a second review and prioritization.  Any questions or concerns about your project can be directed to the Director listed in the "Director" column associated with your project.

If you have questions, please call Bill Shell at 734.487.2678.