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Application Data Management

Service Description

Service Name: Application Data Maintenance
Service Name Synonyms: Data maintenance. Data Management.
Description: Manage and maintain application data, including updating, reporting and data clean-up. Additionally, provide checks for data integrity and optimization.
Availability: Upon Request
Eligibility: Request can be initiated by the data owner following the Request for Service (RFS) process.
Restrictions: Only data owners can request changes, updates and clean-up of data. 
Support: Not Applicable
Features and Options: Development of custom scripts and programs.
Service Login: Not Applicable
Documentation: Not Applicable, documentation is developed for each project, as needed.
Pre-Requisite Services: Not Applicable

Similar or Related Services:

Requisition and Approval Process: Requests can be submitted by following the Request for Service (RFS) process.
Costs and Limitations: None.  DoIT does not charge for normal usage of this service.
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October 2013, Published.
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