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Audio Conferencing

Service Description

Service Name: Audio Conferencing 
Service Name Synonyms: AT&T Conferencing, Conference Calls, Teleconference, Reservationless Conferencing
Description: DoIT provides access to the AT&T Conferencing system by request.
Availability: 24/7/365 
Eligibility: All regular employees and faculty are eligible for this service.
Restrictions: AT&T Audio Conferencing is restricted to staff and faculty. Accounts that remain unused for a six month period are deactivated by AT&T.
Support: Support is available through AT&T Conferencing at 800-526-2655.
Features and Options:
  • Reservationless
  • Unlimited participants
  • Both toll free participant access and participant paid long distance options are available.
  • Audio-only recording, if requested
Service Login: Via toll-free or caller-paid phone numbers assigned when account is set up.
Documentation: None. Contact AT&T support.
Pre-Requisite Services: Telephone service is required.

Similar or Related Services:

3-way Calling on VoIP or Centrex lines
Requisition and Approval Process:

Requests for conferencing accounts may be submitted to the IT Help Desk via phone at 734-487-2120 or by e-mail to it.helpdesk@emich.edu.


Requests must include a contact person's name, department, campus phone number, e-mail address, Fund, and Org. The person requesting the access must be authorized to make expenditures against the fund and org provided.

Costs and Limitations:

This is a fee-based service provided by AT&T. Departments are charged per minute, per user for audio conferencing plus long distance if the toll-free option is utilized.


DoIT does not charge any additional service fees or upcharges for this service. 

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