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Optical / Exam Scanning

Service Description

Service Name: Optical / Exam Scanning
Service Name Synonyms: Scantron, Test Processing, Exam Grading, Test Grading, Survey Scanning, Test Scoring
Description: Optically scan surveys and score exam answer sheets.
Availability: The Scanning Services window is located next to the main IT Office suite in 119 Pray Harrold. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8am to 6:30pm.
Eligibility: All instructional employees are eligible to use this service.
Restrictions: Proprietary forms provided by IT must be used.
Support: For information related to this service contact IT Operations via email at it_scanningservices@emich.edu or call 734-487-1492.
Features and Options:

The optical scanning system can generate the following types of reports:

  • Standard Item Analysis
  • Roster Report
  • Class Response Report


The results may be provided as a printed report or delivered as an e-mail attachment to an emich.edu account.

Service Login: N/A
Documentation: http://www.emich.edu/it/academic/management/exam_scanning.php
Pre-Requisite Services: N/A

Similar or Related Services:

Requisition and Approval Process: Complete a "Test Processing Request" form, available at the IT Scanning Services Window.
Costs and Limitations: IT does not charge for typical usage of this service or the proprietary answer sheets, up up to 2000 forms / answer sheets (per department) at a time.
Revision History:  Published Feb 21, 2014
Division of Information Technology

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Phone: 734.487.3141