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Service Description

Service Name: Firewall 
Service Name Synonyms: Firewall, Palo Alto, content inspection, traffic management, campus firewall
Description: The campus firewall allows or blocks connections from the Internet or other on-campus networks based upon security policies defined in that system. Most incoming connections from the internet are blocked for security, except where explicit allowances have been requested.
Availability: 24/7/365, except during planned maintenance windows.

Faculty and Staff members can request port allowances for servers at 


Restrictions: Servers are not permitted on the public or resnet networks.
Support: Support is available through the email address firewall@emich.edu. Support is provided during normal business hours.
Features and Options: N/A
Service Login: Allowance Requests: https://myit.emich.edu/index.php

Pre-Requisite Services:  None.

Similar or Related Services:

Wired Data Network Service, Server Hosting
Requisition and Approval Process: Once IT receives a firewall allowance request, the request is reviewed to determine whether it can be completed within security policy restrictions. If the request is permissible, the host server is then scanned for open ports and other security vulnerabilities. A summary email will be sent notifying the admin of any security vulnerabilities that must be remedied before the allowance is configured.
Costs and Limitations: DoIT does not charge departments or individuals for normal usage.
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