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Mailing Labels and Data Extracts

Service Description

Service Name: Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests
Service Name Synonyms: List request, label request, data request, List/Label Request, Banner Data Extracts
Description: DoIT provides data extracts, reports or mailing labels from Banner based upon the stated selection criteria.
Availability: On schedule or on-request with at least ten business days notice.
Eligibility: Requests must be approved by an authorized approver. A list of those authorized to approve such requests is available at: http://www.emich.edu/it/help/rfsapprovers.php 

Non-directory information on students is available only to school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in reviewing an educational record in order to fulfill their job duties.


FERPA protected data is released only with approval from the Office of the Registrar.


If a requester intends to select a survey population from the data, then an approval is needed from -

  • Dean's office if the survey population will be limited to students from one particular college.
  • Provost's office if the survey population will include the whole university population.


Student organizations may only request directory information data. 

Support: Please see: Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests Form 
Features and Options:

Results may be delivered as:

1. a spreadsheet delivered electronically.

2. Printed labels (a list of the selected data will be sent to the requester for approval prior to printing the labels.)


Self service label generation is available via WebLabels at http://www.emich.edu/weblabels/

Service Login: Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests Form
Documentation: Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests Form
Pre-Requisite Services:  Banner

Similar or Related Services:

 Not Applicable
Requisition and Approval Process:

Requests can be made by submitting an online form:



 Mailing  Label/Data Extract request form


Once the request is processed and any necessary FERPA approvals are obtained, it is sent to the Director of Enterprise Application Services. The director works with their team and the customer to fulfill the request.

Costs and Limitations:  None.  DoIT does not charge for this service for normal usage.
Revision History:  May 2013, Published.

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