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My.Emich Self Service Tabs

Service Description

Service Name: My.Emich Self Service Tabs 
Service Name Synonyms: My.Emich, Self Service, Banner Self Service, Employee Tab, Faculty Tab, Student Tab
Description: My.Emich, Self Service, Banner Self Service, Employee Tab, Faculty Tab, Student Tab
Availability: 24/7/365, except planned maintenance windows.
Eligibility: Access to My.Emich is granted to students when they are admitted and to employees when they are hired. 
Restrictions: Some employee access to Self Service data is restricted based upon job role. In general, the access granted is the minimum level of access required to complete assigned job duties.
Support: Support is available through the IT Help Desk at 734-487-2120 or it.helpdesk@emich.edu. Support is provided during the service hours of the IT Help Desk.
Features and Options:
  • Students can view class schedules, register for classes, and view student information, including unofficial transcripts.
  • Faculty and advisors can access class lists, submit grades, and view student information, and unofficial transcripts.
  • Employees can access benefit plans, leave balances, W2 forms, pay information, and submit EPAFs and timesheets.
Service Login: http://my.emich.edu

Banner documentation and training materials are available at: http://www.emich.edu/it/help/servcat/services/selfservice/index.php

Pre-Requisite Services: None

Similar or Related Services:

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Requisition and Approval Process:

Basic access provided with default account. Role specific access for employees may be requested by using the following link:




All access to the system is reviewed and approved by the Functional Security Representative for each respective module and implemented by IT staff.

Costs and Limitations: DoIT does not charge departments or individuals for normal usage.
Revision History: Published 05/05/2015
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