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THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Desktop Backup Installation Instructions

CrashPlan PROe is a Desktop/Laptop backup system that creates a backup copy of the files stored on your hard drive. The backup copy is encrypted and stored in the cloud using your credentials.  

Please note:  This service requires the purchase of a license. If you were directed to use these instructions as the result of purchasing a license, please proceed. If not, please check out the Service Description to learn how to purchase a license.

To install CrashPlan:

1.  Point your browser to https://backup.emich.edu .

Crashplan Login Page












2.  Login using your NetID credentials (same as your my.emich username and password).

CrashPlan OS Options Graphic











3.  You will see icons for each operating system supported by CrashPlan. Choose your operating system by clicking on the appropriate operating system icon to start the CrashPlan client download.  [If you are not sure whether to use the 32Bit or 64Bit Windows client, check out the Microsoft documentation to help you choose.]

4.  Once downloaded, the client installation may automatically start. (If not, start the installation from your download.)

CrashPlan Client Connect Screen Shot











5.  Choose "EXISTING ACCOUNT" radio button.   

CrashPlan Client Connection Screen Shot














6a.  On the "Use Existing Account" screen, enter your NetID and password.

6b.  In the "PROe Server Address" dialog, enter backup.emich.edu .

6c.  Click "Sign in".

7.  "Please Wait". The login may take several minutes to complete.

8.  The client will scan the files on your computer. You can let the client backup most of your data automatically, or you can click the "Change..." button to select which directories to backup.

9.  After file scanning completes, the backup will start automatically. (If not, click "Start Backup".)

10.  The process will take from several minutes to several days depending on how much data you opt to backup. (More data will take longer.)

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