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Class Schedule Audit for Dept Schedulers

Use the Class Schedule Audit for Dept Schedulers report to view the rolled sections and to check your work as you build your course schedules. After printing the report, use it to determine which sections need to be deleted, edited, and created.

Note: The Office of Records and Registration will roll sections from the previous year's respective term(s). we recommend reviewing this report in BOE through-out the time you are making changes to existing sections and/or creating new sections. Using this report to verify the accuracy of section data will be particularly important prior to registration for a term(s). We also recommend reviewing the Class Schedule Extract report in BOE once you are done building your course schedule, to see how your schedule will look in the Course Schedule Book. The Course Schedule Book  is updated once per month.

Follow these directions to print a report in BOE:

  1. Log in to BOE. See Logging in to BOE  for more information.
    Note: Before you can log in to BOE, you may need to request and be granted access to BOE. See Requesting/Resetting Banner Access  for more information.
  2. Open the Student Information category and then the Dept Reports sub-category. See  Categories for more information.
  3. From the Student Information category, locate run the desired report. See  Accessing a View on Demand (VOD) Report for more information.
  4. Use the BOE navigation tools to view specific report information. See Navigating a File for more information.
    Note: If desired, print the Section Enrollment report. See Printing a Report for more information.
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