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Requesting/Resetting Banner Access

The Banner username and password pair is used to protect Banner data access via INB, AppXtender, Eprint, and Crystal Reports. Since Banner access is linked to tasks that are performed along with training attendance, you may need to request access based on each task you perform once you have completed the required training session(s). When requesting access to Banner data:

  • If you don't already have one, you will receive a Banner username along with a temporary password that you will be required to change the first time you log in to Banner
  • Your Banner username will be updated to include the requested access
  • Your Banner password may be reset to a temporary password, which you will be required to change the next time you log in to Banner (INB)
  • You may be denied the requested access

Follow these directions to request/reset a Banner username and password:

  1. Navigate to the INB/Banner Launch page by typing https://www.emich.edu/it/inb in your browser address bar.
  2. The INB/Banner Launch page is displayed. Click the Request Banner Access link.
    Username Help
  3. The Request Banner Access Login page is displayed. Type your My.Emich username and password in the Username and Password fields respectively.
  4. Click the Login button.
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  5. The Banner Username Help form is displayed. From the Step 1 - Enter Your Personal Information section, type your name as it appears on your paycheck in the First and Last Name field.

    Note: All fields in Step 1 - Enter Your Personal Information are required.
  6. Type your Supervisor's name in the Supervisor field.
  7. Type your department name in the Department field.
  8. Type your job title in the Job Title field.
  9. Type your EMU phone number in the Phone Number field.
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  10. From the Step 2 - Choose one of the Options below section, click the radio button that applies to your situation.

    Note: If requested, enter the date you attended the corresponding training workshop.
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  11. From the Step 3 - Submit Your Help Request section, click the Submit button.
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  12. A confirmation message is displayed indicating the your help request was successfully submitted and you will be sent an email message with a help ticket number.
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