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Searching for a Person by ID or Name

Note: The information on this page applies to INB Banner, version 8. The content is no longer updated, but may still be useful as a general reference for later versions of Banner.

There are a number of forms in Banner (INB) that require you to locate a person (employee, applicant, student) prior to viewing any information.

Follow these directions to search for someone in INB:

  1. Type the ID of the person you are looking for in the ID field or press the [Tab] key to navigate to the Name field and type their name.

    Note: The name format on this form is Last, First. You can use wildcard characters to streamline your search:

    • Type Mart% to find students whose last name begins with Mart. The percent sign (%) represents one or more characters.
    • Type Mart%, Bri% to find students whose first name begins with Bri and last name begins with Mart.
    • Type Martin%, Brian% to find students whose last name is Martin and whose first name is Brian.

    The EMU data standards require that you search using the percent sign (%) after all names. Using this technique, you can find names with generational designators such as Jr., III, and any hyphenated names.

  2. Press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.

    Note: If there is only one match to your search, the system will automatically fill in the ID and Name fields with matching person's ID and name.
  3. The Extended Search box displays the results of your name search. Click to select the name you want to work with from the Results field drop-down list.

    Note: The ID and When you see a name indented under another name, the indented name is an alternate name (e.g. maiden name) for the name above it.

    There should be no duplicate records for a person. Duplicates should be reported to the Office of Admissions who will route to the appropriate office for correction.

    Alternately, if there are too many names in the Search Results field, narrow the search using other person information, such as city, state/province, zip code/postal code, social security number, date of birth, and gender. When you are finished, click the Reduce Search button.

  4. The system will automatically fill in the ID and Name fields with matching person's ID and name.
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