Eastern Michigan University

SHATERM - Viewing a List of Courses and Grades by Term

Note: The information on this page applies to INB Banner, version 8. The content is no longer updated, but may still be useful as a general reference for later versions of Banner.

Use the Term Sequence Course History form (SHATERM) to view a list of all courses and grades for a student grouped by term. Within the term you can view credits grouped by institution (EMU) credits and by transfer credits. Transfer credits display in the term they were evaluated by EMU. You can also view the student's overall transfer hours.

Follow these directions to view information in SHATERM:

  1. From the Banner Main menu, type the form name in the Go To... box press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.
    Go To...
  2. The form is displayed. If necessary, search for the person. See Searching for a Person by ID or Name for more information.

  3. Type the student/applicant's level, (GR)-Graduate or (UG)-Undergraduate in the Level field.
    Note: If you use the [Tab] key on the keyboard, to leave the field, you may encounter error messages. Click the OK button in the error message box(es) until the cursor moves to the next field.
    Note: If necessary, navigate to the Term field and press the [Delete] key on the keyboard to clear out any term codes. If the Term field is left empty, Banner will display a complete list of the information. If a term code is in the Term field, Banner will display just the information pertaining to that term.
  4. Click the Next Block button on the toolbar.
    Next Block Button
  5. The Current Standing block is displayed. Click Options on the menu bar and choose Term GPA and Course Detail from the list. 
    Note: The GPA block displays the student's GPA:

    Institution: Hours and GPA for EMU credits

    Transfer: Hours only for accepted credits from other schools

    Overall: Hours and GPA for combined institutional and transfer credits

    Quality Points: GPA Hours x GPA
  6. The Term GPA and Course Detail Information block is displayed with hours and GPA information, grouped by term. 
    Note: Use the Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars to view all of the information.
  7. The Institutional/Transfer Courses block is also displayed with course and grade details. Courses and grades are grouped by transfer or institution (EMU) credits. use the Vertical scroll bar to navigate to the Transfer Courses section. 
    Note: Transfer credits are grouped by transfer institution and by term. The lowest acceptable grade EMU will accept for transfer courses is a C; therefore EMU does not accept a transfer course if it has a W (Withdrawal) grade. Transfer credits with a grade below a C and W grades display in the Title column as Grade Below Acceptable Level and in the Grade column as TNC (transfer no credit). Grades above a C will display in the Title column with the course title it evaluated to at EMU and in the Grade column as TCR (transfer credit). The transfer GPA is not calculated or included in the overall GPA.
  8. Use the Vertical scroll bar to navigate to the Institution Courses section. 
    Note: Institution credits are grouped by term. Within each term, the Repeat column indicates whether the grade is excluded or included in the GPA. The student can repeat the class up to three times. The grade that is included in the GPA is always the last one earned, regardless of the grade. 
  9. When you are finished, click the Exit button on the toolbar to return to the Banner Main menu.
    Exit Button