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Linking Sections

Note: The information on this page applies to INB Banner, version 8. The content is no longer updated, but may still be useful as a general reference for later versions of Banner.

Linking is the Banner mechanism used to connect lecture, lab, and/or recitation sections which must be registered for concurrently. Creating linked sections forces the student to register for more than one section of the same course. Once linked, unless a student concurrently registers for all of the linked sections, a LINK ERROR: <XX> REQUIRED error is displayed.

Note: Only sections with the same term, subject code, and course number can be linked. An example might be a Fall 2010 BIOL 105 lecture section linked to one or more Fall 2010 BIOL 105 lab sections. To "link" sections with different subject codes and course number, they will need to be set up as corequisite courses. Contact Records and Registration for more information on setting up corequisite courses.

Link Identifier, Link Connector, and Attribute Codes:

The procedure for linking sections requires you to enter three (3) codes, for each section you are linking together, on two Banner forms - SSASECT and SSADETL.

  • Link Identifier (SSASECT): This two character code is a section's (non-unique) ID number.
    • Multiple sections can have the same Link Identifier code.
    • The first character describes the section's schedule type:
      • L: Lecture
      • B: Lab
      • R: Recitation
    • The second character is a number (0-9) that groups or links all the desired sections together.
  • Link Connector (SSADETL): This two character code references the Link Identifier of any sections that that are linked to the current section.
  • Attribute (SSADETL): This four character code has two parts, the code LK followed by the current section's Link Identifier code.


Linking Sections

Follow these directions to link sections:

  1. Add a Link Identifier code on a section using the Schedule form (SSASECT). See SSASECT - Creating a New Course Section for more information.
  2. From the Course Section Information tab of SSASECT, type the section's link identifier code in the Link Identifier field.
    Linking Sections
  3. Click the Save button on the toolbar.
    Save Button
  4. Click Options in the menu bar and click Course Section Detail [SSADETL] from the list to add a Link Connector and Attribute code. See  SSADETL - Linking Sections with the Link Connector and Link Attribute Codes for more information.
    Linking Sections
  5. Repeat these steps until all desired sections are linked.