Eastern Michigan University

Recording Student Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) Participation

Using the Application Administration menu, faculty and advisors can record Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) participation.

Follow these directions to record student LBC participation:

  1. Navigate to the Application Administration menu. See Application Administration Menu Overview for more information.
  2. Click the Confirm Student LBC Participation link.
  3. The Confirm Student LBC Participation page is displayed. Type your EID in the Confirmation Originator EID field. 
    Note: See Displaying Your EMU (E)ID and PIN  for more information.
    Viewing a Summary of Leave Balances
  4. Type the student's EID in the Student EID field.
    Viewing a Summary of Leave Balances
  5. Click the LBC Codes field pull-down arrow and click the desired LBC code. 
    Note: Note: LBC Code Definitions

    - LB1 LBC - Self and Well Being (e.g., phys ed/activity course)
    - LB2 LBC - Comm Service/Citizenship (e.g., student org officership)
    - LB3 LBC - Cultural/Academic Events (do not use)
    - LB4 LBC - Professional Development (e.g. COB 200L or a co-op)
    - LB5 LBC - Int'l and Multicultural (e.g., a study abroad or foreign lang)
    - LB6 LBC - Research (e.g., present at a conference/fair, like UG Symposium)
    - L3A LBC3 - Event Attendance: 8 req (e.g., attend Ethos week event)
    - L3P LBC3 - Event Participate: 1 req (e.g., perform in a theatre production)
    Viewing a Summary of Leave Balances
  6. Click the Submit button.
    Viewing a Summary of Leave Balances
    Note: See Viewing a Student's Academic Events  for more information.
  7. When you are finished, click the Employee tab to return to the Employee menu.