Eastern Michigan University

Faculty Grade Summary

Use the Faculty Grade Summary link to view a summary of grades for a class, including grade changes made to the original posted grades via the grade change submission process.

Follow these directions view a summary of grades:

  1. Navigate to the Faculty Services menu. See Faculty Services Overview for more information.
  2. Click the Faculty Courses Menu link.

    Faculty Grade Summary

  3. The Faculty Courses menu is displayed. Click the Faculty Grade Summary link.
    Faculty Grade Summary
    Note: You may be prompted to select a term and CRN. See Term Selection  and CRN Selection  for more information.
  4. The Faculty Grades Summary page is displayed.

    Note: The Final Grade column displays the grade the instructor originally posted. The Grade in Academic History column displays either the originally posted grade or a grade change posted via the grade change submission process.
    Faculty Grade Summary
  5. If there are more than 25 students, click the Next button to view additional students.
    Faculty Grade Summary
  6. When you are finished, click the Faculty Services tab to return to the Faculty Services menu.
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