Eastern Michigan University

Viewing Assigned Courses

Use the My Assigned Courses link to view your assigned courses, classroom locations and room information such as furniture layout and space features (e.g., data projector, type of seating - tiered; movable; tables and chairs, etc.).

Follow these directions to view a list of assigned courses:

  1. Navigate to the Faculty Services menu. See Faculty Services Overview for more information.
  2. Click the Faculty Courses Menu link.
    Viewing My Assigned courses
  3. The Faculty Courses menu is displayed. Click the My Assigned Courses link.
    Viewing My Assigned courses
  4. The My Assigned Courses page is displayed. Click link in the Location column to view room attributes and furniture layout.
    Viewing My Assigned courses
  5. The Location page is displayed.
    Viewing My Assigned courses
  6. When you are finished, click the Faculty Services tab to return to the Faculty Services menu.
    Back to Faculty Tab