Eastern Michigan University

Selecting a Term

You may need to select a term, CRN, and/or student prior to completing steps for tasks listed under the Faculty Services menu.

Note: If you were prompted to select a term, disregard steps 1-3, below.

Follow these directions to select a term:

    1. Navigate to the Faculty Services menu. See Faculty Services Overview for more information. 
      Note: From the Faculty Services menu, click the desired menu (i.e. Student Information, Faculty Courses, Class List or Course/Class Schedule Information menu). The menu you selected is displayed.
    2. Click the Term Selection link.
      Selecting a Term
    3. The Term Selection page is displayed. Click the Select a Term pull-down arrow and choose the term you want to work with from the list.

      Note: If selecting a term is not appropriate to the task you want to perform (e.g., viewing a transcript), select the current term.
    4. When you are finished, click the Submit button.
      Selecting a Term

      Note: The Faculty Services menu, the Student Information menu, or the page for the task you want to perform is displayed.

      The system will remember the term you picked until you change it or log out of My.Emich or Self Service.