Eastern Michigan University

Viewing a Student's Holds

Use the View Holds link to view a list of current holds that have been placed on a student’s record along with the from/to dates. Holds may prevent registration, graduation and the production of transcripts. Hold types can include ESL holds, financial holds, judicial holds and double-c holds.

Follow these directions to view a list of holds:

  1. Navigate to the Faculty Services menu. See Faculty Services Overview for more information
  2. Click the Student Information Menu link.
    Student Information Menu
  3. The Student Information menu is displayed. Click the View Holds link.
    Viewing a Student's Holds
    Note: You may be prompted to select a term and student ID. See Term Selection and ID Selection for more information.
  4. The View Holds page is displayed.
    Viewing a Student's Holds
  5. When you are finished, click the Faculty Services tab to return to the Faculty Services menu.
    Back to Faculty Tab