Eastern Michigan University

Selecting a Term

You may need to select a term, CRN, and/or student prior to completing steps for tasks listed under the Student Services menu.

Note: If you were prompted to select a term, disregard steps 1-3, below.

Follow these directions to select a term:

  1. Navigate to the Student Services menu. See Student Services Overview for more information.
  2. Click the Registration link.
    Registration Menu
    Note: Alternately, you can access a Term Selection link from the Faculty Services menu.
  3. The Registration menu is displayed. Click the Term Selection link.
    Selecting a Term
  4. The Term Selection page is displayed. Click the Select a Term pull-down arrow and choose the term you want to work with from the list.
    Note: If selecting a term is not appropriate to the task you want to perform (e.g., viewing a transcript), select the current term.
  5. When you are finished, click the Submit button.

    Selecting a Term
    Note: The system will remember the term you picked until you change it or log out of My.Emich or Self Service.