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Waitlisting a Class

Once the enrollment limit for a waitlisted section has been reached, but before the waitlist maximum has been reached, the student will be given the opportunity to add their name to a section's waitlist. 

Note: Non-waitlisted students cannot register for the section until the actual enrollment drops below the maximum enrollment minus the waitlist actual.

Follow these directions to add your name to a section's waitlist:

  1. Register for classes. See Registering for Classes for more information. 
    Note: Once the enrollment maximum has been met for a section the Status column displays the error CLOSED-000 WAITLISTED in the Registration Add Errors section.

    - The number of waitlisted students (000) will be displayed in the Status column message CLOSED - 000 WAITLISTED. This message is also a way for you to know you order on the waitlist.

    - If the waitlist is full, the Status column will display the message CLOSED - WAITLIST FULL.

    - You can select Web Drop from the Action field pull-down arrow to be removed from the waitlist.

    - You can take advantage of the waitlist feature only if you have met the course restrictions, co-requisites, and/or prerequisites.

    - If you want to ensure you are registered for a particular course, but the section(s) requires you to be placed on a waitlist, you can register for the alternate section and waitlist yourself for one or more sections of the same course.
  2. Click the Action field pull-down arrow and select Waitlist from the list.
  3. When you are finished, click the Submit Changes button.
    Waitlisting a Section
  4. When you are finished, click the Student Services tab to return to the Student Services menu.
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