Eastern Michigan University

Preparing to Register

Prior to the start of the registration period, you should verify that you are eligible to register and review the requirements for courses in which you plan to register. See Looking-up Classes for more information.

Follow these directions to check your eligibility to register:

  1. Navigate to the Student Services menu. See Student Services Overview for more information.
  2. Click the Registration link.
    Registration Menu
  3. The Registration menu is displayed. Click the Registration Status link.
    Preparing to Register
    Note: You may be prompted to select a term. See Term Selection for more information.
  4. The Registration Status page displays. confirm your eligibility to register and identified your total number of credits.

    Registration Status Information Section

    Note: The Registration Status Information section shows whether you are eligible to register and if there any holds on your account that would prevent registration. Typical holds that prevent registration include financial, academic probation or English as a second language (ESL). From the Student Records menu, click the View Holds link to access additional information pertaining to account holds.
    Preparing to Register

    Registration Permits and Overrides

    Note: The Registration Permits and Overrides section shows the permissions or overrides that have been authorized on your behalf. Check this page to determine whether an override or departmental permission you requested has been entered

    Earned Credit Section

    Note: The Earned Credit section shows your earned credit totals by level (Graduate or Undergraduate) and by type (Institutional and Transfer. Total hours, used for determining your registration appointment time, can be calculated by adding your institutional and any transfer hours together.
    Preparing to Register

    Curriculum Information Section

    Note: The Curriculum Information section shows your level (Graduate or Undergraduate), college, degree, and major declaration.
    Preparing to Register
  5. When you are finished, click the Student Services tab to return to the Student Services menu.
    Back to Student Tab
    Note: Once you have confirmed your eligibility to register and identified your total number of credits, you can determine your assigned registration appointment time. See Registration Appointments for more information. Registration appointment times are assigned by class level and total credits earned.