Eastern Michigan University

Viewing and Printing Imaged Documents 

ApplicationXtender is a document imaging and storage system. There are several University departments, scanning paper documents into ApplicationXtender so that authorized University personnel can access these documents. The benefits include:

  • Increased productivity - Easy and organized access to multi-departmental information, directly from your computer.
  • Cost and environmental savings - Saves on paper, physical storage space, and storage materials (e.g. boxes and file cabinets).
  • Data safety and security - Scanned documents are backed up regularly and are only accessible to those who have been authorized and hold the proper credentials (username and password).
Records & Registration - Application Name: B-S-BANNER STUDENT COMMON
  • 400/500 Level Course Credit Requests
  • Add/Drop/Withdraw Requests
  • Academic Programs Abroad Credit Approval Form
  • Course Audit Request or Audit Removal
  • Credit by Exam or Validation of Credit
  • Credit by Department Evaluation
  • FERPA Confidentiality Request
  • Grade Changes
  • Graduation Application
  • Graduation Audit Documents
  • Dissertation Forms
  • Doctoral Comprehensive Exam Passed
  • Doctoral Student Low Enrollment Form
  • Graduate MIGS Application
  • Graduate Petition to Waive Administrative Policies
  • Graduate Program of Study
  • Course Substitutions
  • Undergraduate Re-enrollment Application
Academic Advising - Application Name: B-S-BANNER STUDENT COMMON
  • Academic Advising Agreements (with Notes)
  • Advising Waiver Form
  • Academic Program Abroad Approval for GenEd Credit
  • Current Student Advising Contact Sheet
  • ESL Conditional Admission Form
  • GenEd Comparison, QR Choice, and Waiver Forms
  • Individualized Studies Program (ISP) Referral
  • ISP Email Draft
  • Correspondence and Proposal Request Forms
  • Major-Minor Change Request Form
  • PASS Contract, Follow-up Advising, and Opt Out Forms
  • Second Bachelor Correspondence and Program of Study Forms

Follow these directions to view and print imaged documents in AppXtender for the Web:

  1. Verify you are running the minimum software requirements. See AppXtender Web Access Overview   for more information.
  2. Log in to AppXtender for the Web. See Logging in to AppXtender Web Access  for more information.
  3. Search for imaged documents. See Searching for Documents for more information.

    Note: The Application Names are:

    • Records & Registration: B-S-ADMIN-BANNER-STUDENT COMMON
    • Academic Advising: B-S-BANNER STUDENT COMMON.
  4. View and print an imaged document. See Viewing and Printing a Document
  5. Print Multiple documents. See Printing Multiple Documents for more information.
  6. Log out of AppXtender for the Web. See Logging Out of AppXtender Web Access  for more information.