Eastern Michigan University

AppXtender for the Web Overview

Use AppXtender for the Web to view/print scanned and indexed documents that are stored in ApplicationXtender. There are currently two ways (modes) to view/print documents. Each has their own software requirements:

    • Interactive client mode (Recommended): This mode (enabled by default) gives you advanced viewing, printing, zooming, rotating, and magnifying tools. It also allows you to print a batch of documents. The software requirements are:
    • Thin client mode: This mode is appropriate if you are not working on a Windows XP machine with the IE browser and all you want to do is view a document. This mode has not been tested extensively on other browsers (i.e. Mozilla Firefox and Safari). The software requirements are:
      • Computer running Windows XP Professional or Mac OS 10 platform
      • One of the following browsers (JavaScript and CSS support required):
        • Microsoft Internet Explorer(IE) v6.01 or higher (PC)
        • Mozilla Firefox (Mac/PC)