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Software Licenses for Home Use - SPSS

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Service Name: Software Licenses for Home Use - SPSS
Service Name Synonyms: Home Use Software Licensing, SPSS Home Use, emich.onthehub.com 
Description: Eastern Michigan University's current IBM/SPSS Campus Agreement allows faculty and students to purchase a copy of SPSS Statistics Premium for their personal computer at a reduced price. An IBM/SPSS partner hosts the online store for purchasing the Home Use version of SPSS Statistics.
Availability: 24/7/365, except planned maintenance windows by the store provider or EMU maintenance windows
Eligibility: This academic license is only available to current faculty and students.
Restrictions: Only one license may be purchased per eligible person. Use of the software is strictly for academic research and coursework. Commercial use of the software under this license is not permitted. The license expiration coincides with the University's license renewal date, July 31st.
Support: http://emich.onthehub.com/WebStore/Support/WebStoreHelpContents.aspx
Features and Options: N/A
Service Login: http://emich.onthehub.com
Documentation: http://emich.onthehub.com/WebStore/Support/WebStoreHelpContents.aspx
Pre-Requisite Services: NetID login – Used for authentication

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Requisition and Approval Process: Orders may be submitted using a personal credit/debit card. You may not use a University PCard for this purchase.
Costs and Limitations: See web site for details.
Revision History: Published - May 2014

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