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Value Storage

Service Name: Value Storage
Service Name Synonyms: Bulk storage, low cost storage
Description: Value storage is a low cost storage option for departments that need to store or back up large files and data sets (such as images, video or audio files) to the internal storage cloud. To keep costs down, value storage trades off high-availability and expensive backups for lower cost.
Availability: Available 24/7/365, except during maintenance windows.
Eligibility: Any university office that successfully completes the order/payment process.
  • Value storage is only available to University departments and offices that authorize appropriate payment for the service.
  • Value storage is not typically available to students or student projects.
  • Value storage cannot be used to host web sites, applications or databases.
  • Because of the nature of value storage design, longer maintenance windows may be required in the event of disk failures to allow re-synchronization of the array. To the extent possible, maintenance windows for this system will be limited to weekends, beginning Friday night at 5 PM.
  • Value Storage is not designed for full HIPAA compliance and should not be used for storage of patient healthcare data.
Support: Support is limited for this service. For example, deleted files are not recoverable unless backup arrangements are made in advance for an additional cost. Limited support is available during normal business hours. Requests are triaged by the IT Help Desk to appropriate IT staff.
Features and Options:
  • The Value Storage system includes hardware redundancy and other features to hedge against component failures. However, the system is not backed up to the enterprise backup system to keep the cost affordable.
  • Storage can be purchased in 1 TB increments, as required.
  • Storage can be delivered as a Windows share or an NFS share.
Service Login: Access is provisioned upon receipt of order forms and payment.
Documentation: None.
Pre-Requisite Services: None. 

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Requisition and Approval Process:

Two forms are required.


First complete the "Value Storage – Order / Renewal Form" available in the DoIT Forms Library.


Then, complete the "Inter-Department Transfer (Purchase/Expense)" form transferring the total service cost amount determined above to pay for the service. This form can be found in the Business and Finance Division Forms Library on their web site.


To complete annual renewal, complete the "Inter-Department Transfer (Purchase/Expense)" form from the Business and Finance Forms Library during July. Renewals not received in July are subject to termination and permanent file deletion after 30 days notice.

Costs and Limitations:
  • Value storage is available for purchase in 1 TB increments for $120 per TB per year.
  • Charge can be prorated on a monthly basis for orders of less than one year.
  • Service must be renewed annually with annual payment.
  • Failure to complete annual renewal process: If renewal process is not completed in July or if payment is not authorized, requester is notified that files will be deleted after 30-day notice period. Thirty-day notice will be sent on or about August 1st each year. File deletions will occur on or about September 1st each year for orders that are not renewed.
Revision History: Published March 10, 2014.
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