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Voice Mail

Service Description

Service Name:  Voicemail
Service Name Synonyms: Unity Voicemail, VoIP Voicemail
Description: DoIT provides voicemail services to campus telephones where requested.
Availability: 24/7/365, except planned maintenance windows.
Eligibility: Voicemail is available for all VoIP or Centrex lines as requested. All regular employees and faculty are eligible for this service.
Restrictions: Voicemail is not available for service phones, elevator phones, emergency phones, POTS/FAX lines, or other utility type telephone connections. Voicemail is not typically available to students, except where business needs justify such access.

Support is available through the IT Help Desk at 734-487-2120 or it.helpdesk@emich.edu. Support is provided during the service hours of the IT Help Desk.


General usage help is also available in the Quick Reference Guide: /it/services/voicemessages/docs/voicemessage.pdf 

Features and Options:
  • Voice mailboxes can be accessed from anywhere, on campus or off.
  • Voicemail can be delivered in the traditional approach or forwarded to Eaglemail as an attachment, if requested by the user.
  • Multiple greetings are available: Standard, Alternate, Closed, Holiday • Message waiting indicator: An illuminated red light on the VoIP phones or a stutter dial tone on the Norstar (Centrex) phones.
  • Deleted and/or Saved messages are retained and may be accessed for 2 weeks before they are permanently deleted.
  • Capacity is limited to 30 minutes of messages. A warning message is delivered to mailboxes nearing maximum capacity.
Service Login:

From a VoIP phone on campus, press the Voicemail button (envelope icon, typically).


From off campus or from a cell phone:

1. Call the phone number of the mailbox you want to check.

2. When voicemail picks up, press the * key.

3. You will then be prompted for "your id", enter your five digit extension (example: 71234) followed by the # key.

4. You will then be prompted for your PIN or passcode. Enter the PIN or Passcode followed by the # key.

Documentation: /it/services/voicemessages/docs/voicemessage.pdf
Pre-Requisite Services:  Phone Service

Similar or Related Services:

 EagleMail, VoIP
Requisition and Approval Process: Requests to reset the voice mailbox, passcode, or other settings can be submitted to the IT Help Desk via phone at 734-487-2120 or by e-mail to it.helpdesk@emich.edu
Costs and Limitations: DoIT does not charge departments for normal voice mail usage. Although extremely rare, specialty configurations or atypical needs may require additional fees before work can be completed.
Revision History:  July 2013

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