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The Dell computers offered in the most recent EMU Computer Refresh Program (CRP) come with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installed. This version is more user-centric, focuses on performance improvements, has fewer compatibility problems, sports a retooled taskbar, and performs faster during start-up. Besides being the most attractive Windows operating system version to date, Windows 7 allows you to:

We recommend getting started by taking a hands-on tour of Windows 7. Once you have completed the tour, visit the Microsoft site and wander through their extensive library documents and videos. Here are a couple of links to get you started.

In addition, the EMU eTraining site offers a number of Windows 7 books online, including:

Windows 7 Dummies Windows 7 for Dummies (by Andy Rathbone) - Whether you are new to computers or just eager to start using the newest version of Windows, this plain-English guide will help you get comfortable using all aspects of Windows 7 to manage files, applications, media, and Internet access.
 Windows 7 Made Simple Windows 7 Made Simple (by Kevin Otnes) - By showing you how to unlock the potential and power of Microsoft's latest operating system, this practical guide will help you discover the gateway to email, the Web, work, entertainment, and fun via Windows 7.
 Getting Started with Windows 7 Getting Started with Windows 7 (by Joseph Moran & Kevin Otnes) - Whether this is your first time with Windows, you are switching from another operating system, or you are upgrading from Windows XP or Vista, this book highlights the features that will make your time in Windows more productive and pleasurable.