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Banner XE Technology Demo 

Ellucian is undertaking a major technology change for the next version of our Banner ERP. Some portions of the Banner ERP are being completely rewritten, others are simply getting a fresh coat of paint. A presentation that introduces this environment is available here

Banner 9.x (XE) Admin Pages 

Admin pages are run in parallel with and provide the same functionality as INB.  Admin Pages do not require Java on the desktop, but retain much of the look and feel of the legacy application.

 Admin Pages 










Banner 8.x Legacy Links

Banner 8 and XE run in parallel with each other.  The following links provide access to legacy versions of the Banner DEMO environment.

Banner (INB) Clone Date Banner Self-Service (SSB)
DEMO 3/2/2017 DEMO


XE Lightweight Web Apps

These applications include both new and existing portions of Self Service Banner that have been rewritten from scratch, and can co-exist with legacy portions of the system.  These apps are available upon request, please email [email protected] to have any of the apps listed below installed in the demonstration environment.

Lightweight Web App Documentation
Employee Self Service Handbook
Faculty Grade Entry


Student Advising


Student Self Service (Student Profile)


Student Registration Self Service


Finance Procurement Handbook
Faculty Attendance Tracking Self Service Handbook
Student Attendance Tracking Self Service  
General Self Service (Direct Deposit) User Guide

Event Management Self Service


Other useful documentation


 Need help?

 If you need help with any of the Banner XE applications listed above please send an email to  [email protected] with the following information:

  • Issue description and error messages (if any)
  • Detailed steps to recreate the issue
  • Attach any relevant screenshots.





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