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Filtering Data in Excel

To filter in Excel 2007, follow these steps:

  1. Select All cells in the spreadsheet by clicking in the upper left-hand corner of the Excel screen.Filter
  2. Click the Format pull-down menu and select AutoFit Column Width from the list.
    This will set each column width wide enough to view the content in the field. Filter
  3. Click the Sort & Filter pull-down menu and select Filter from the list.Filter
  4. This will add a pull-down menu to each column header.
    The menu will show all the values listed in the column. By default all values are checked, or selected.
  5. To filter data, click the pull-down menu at the top of one of the columns.
    A filtering menu will appear. Filtering data in Excel
  6. Uncheck all values by clicking Select All.Filtering data in Excel
  7. Click the checkbox next to the value you want to filter on, then click the OK button.
    You can use more than one filter at a time; however, the second filter will only affect the subset of data created by the first filter. Filtering data in Excel
  8. Once you have activated a filter, in the lower-left corner you will see the number of records your filter is displaying, out of the total number. (i.e. 58 of 395 records found) Filtering data in Excel
  9. You can remove a filter by clicking Clear Filter from the pull-down menu. Filtering data in Excel
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