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Giving a Student Web Registration Authorization

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This page provides the information needed to record exceptions that are granted by an academic department, allowing a student to register for a course for which they are not eligible (e.g. major/class restrictions, prerequisites/corequisites, enrollment limit).


  • Exceptions are entered during each registration cycle and must be in place before the student can register.

Target Audience

  • Academic departments enter the exceptions in Banner for individual students.

Supporting Systems

  • Banner Admin Pages - Student Registration Permit-Override (SFASRPO) form.

Request Security Access

  • Request access to record exceptions via the Banner Access Request form >>
    • Update Access - Banner Registration Permit-Overrides form


In preparation, you should know the student's EID, the Banner term code, the permit code, and the section's CRN (or subject and course number) associated with the exception you want to record. Visit the Glossary of Terms Banner Codes and Fields for more information.

  1. Log in to Banner via the Banner Launch page, by clicking the Banner Admin Pages (PROD) link.

  2. Open the Banner Student Registration Permit-Overrides (SFASRPO) form.

  3. Type the student's EID in the ID field or search for the student using the Name field.
  4. Type the Banner term code in the Term field.

  5. Click the Go button.
  6. Select the appropriate permit code in the Permit field.
  7. Type the Course Reference Number (CRN) in the CRN field.
    There are two ways to apply a permit code:
    • If limiting the exception to one section, enter the CRN.
    • If the exception is allowed for all sections of a course, enter the subject and course number.
  8. To save your work, click the Save button.
    Note:   If multiple overrides/permissions are needed, each override/permission can be added to a new line and can be entered at one time.   
  9. To leave the form, click the Exit button.
    Note: To delete a permit code, contact the Office of Records & Registration at [email protected]

Support & Contact Info

  • For assistance with entering exceptions, email the Office of Records & Registration at [email protected]


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