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Viewing Student Information


This page provides information on everything EMU faculty, staff, and student employees need to view student contact information, academic history, and course schedule information, along with supporting documents (e.g. program of study, grade change requests, degree audits, and advising agreements).

Supporting Systems

Access these supporting systems via the Banner Launch Page:

  • ApplicationXtender for the Web
  • Banner Admin Pages

Access these supporting systems via My.Emich

  • EAB (Formerly Hobsons) Starfish
  • Self-Service Banner

Support & Contact Information

  • Request access to record exceptions via the Banner Access Request form:
    • View Access - My.Emich Self-Service Faculty / Advisor
    • View Access - Xtender Banner Student
    • View Access - Banner Student Common Forms 
    • View Access - Banner Student Confidential Forms 
  • Request access to EAB Starfish by emailing [email protected] 

Instruction (Tasks)

  • My.Emich Faculty Self Service (SSB): See the SSB - Student Information Guide for instructions on how to view student information via SSB.
    • Student Addresses & Phone Numbers - View a student's address and phone numbers.
    • Student Email Address - View a student's email address.
    • Concise Student Schedule - View a student's class schedule
    • Academic Transcript - View a student's unofficial transcript, including program /degree information, a list of all transfer and EMU credit courses and a summary of transfer and EMU credit courses by degree/level.
    • Test Scores - View a student's test scone information, including GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT scores.
    • View Holds - View a list of current holds that have been placed on a student's record along with the from/to dates. Holds may prevent registration, graduation and the production of transcripts. 
    • Transfer Information - View a student's transfer credits and GPAs for courses that have been evaluated and accepted by EMU.
    • High School Information - View a student's high school information.
    • Student Academic Events - View a list of academc events (e.g. Learning Beyond the Classroom) for a student.
  • ApplicationXtender Web: See the ApplicantXtender Application list for more information on the B-S-ID: Banner Student Common Application list of supported documents, including -
    • Program of Study
    • Grade Change Requests
    • Degree Audits
    • Advising Agreements

    See the ApplicationXtender Web Access guide for instruction on how to view student information supporting documents.

  • Banner Admin Pages: See the  Glossary of Banner Codes and Fields  for more information on the codes associated with the following Banner Admin pages.
    • Course Summary (SHACRSE) form - Leave the term field blank to view a list of the student's Institution (EMU) courses and grades sorted by term. Current term grades are available after grades close for the semester. Transfer credits do not display in this form. 
    • General Person Identification (SPAIDEN) form - View contact, biographic, and demographic information. 
    • General Student (SGASTDN) form:  View current information about a student including their status, level, college, primary and secondary programs, class level attributes, admit term, admit type, major, department, concentration, minor, residency, student type, and veteran information.
    • The General Student Summary (SGASTDQ) form - View summary academic history information for a student by term, including a student’s academic standing at the university.
  • EAB Starfish:   See the EAB Starfish page for more information on how to use Starfish.


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