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Creating and Using Banner Waitlists

Q. Introduction – What is a Waitlist?

A. Students can now inform a department electronically (via the registration process) that they are interested in registering for a closed class.

Q. How does a department create a waitlist for a section?

A. Prior to creating their first waitlisted section, each department will need to determine a registration preference procedure for waitlisted students. While department discretion may be exercised in extenuating circumstances, a department may choose to utilize one of the two best practices listed below when determining the criteria for registration preference:

Major, number of credit hours earned, requirements for graduation, and GPA
Order of placement on the waitlist

Once the criteria for registration preference has been decided, the person responsible for entering the departmental schedule in Banner will need to modify an existing section, to create a waitlist.

Q. How does a student add themselves to a waitlist?

A. Once the enrollment limit for a waitlisted section has been reached, but before the waitlist maximum has been reached, the student will be given the opportunity to add their name to the waitlist.

Q. How can staff see a list of waitlisted students for a section?

A. The instructor and other staff with access to the Faculty tab in my.emich can view a list of students for a section, including waitlisted students.

Q. How does a student register for a waitlisted section?

A. Once a determination has been made by the department to allow a student to register from the waitlist, they will be required to contact the student to verify continued interest in the section. If the student is still interested, the department will then enter a waitlist (WL) permission/override in Banner. The student must then drop the section and then register for the section to complete the registration process.

Note: To avoid the drop fee (charged beginning on the first day of the term), it is recommended the student contact Records and Registration to be registered in or removed (dropped) from the waitlisted section. IF a student is charged a drop fee for removing themselves from a waitlisted section on the web, It can be removed by contacting Records and Registration. This only applies to the waitlisted section. Records and Registration will not register waitlisted students without the WL permission code or other necessary permissions (e.g., prerequisite, co-requisite, and restriction overrides).


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